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Developing Etherium Dapp on your Windows PC using Truffle – Step 1

This is a barebones walkthrough for developing a blockchain decentralized app (Dapp) for Etherium (ERC-20) based tokens. Goal is to go through all the steps needed to set up initial environment and build a first contract that compiles, deploys, test, and can interact with via web3.js Javascript in a web browser.

Step 1: Pre-Requisites

In this step we download and install the needed tools to set up our development environment.

Git is needed to retrieve software packages. Download and install Git for Windows:

Node.js is a server that allows execution of Javascript outside of a browser. Also includes NPM for downloading modules and packages. Download and install Node.js:

Ganache gives you your own local blockchain node to develop with. Download and install Ganache:

MetaMask is crypto wallet & gateway to blockchain apps that turns your browser into a blockchain browser. You will also need to use a compatible browser such as Brave, Chrome, Firefox, or Edge. Install MetaMask:

Install Truffle. After you have installed Nodejs, Truffle can be installed using NPM. Open up cmd shell and enter:

npm install -g truffle

It is also helpful to use a text editor that recognizes the Etherium programming language Solidity, for example:

For this walkthrough we will be using Atom.

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