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Getting Started with WAX Blockchain Development – Part 1

Part 1: Set Up for Development

In this lesson we will look at setting up a development environment for the WAX blockchain. Examples used will be primarily for those using Windows 10, but steps are adaptable to any platforms that Docker supports.

Step 1

First you will need to download and install Docker

Docker is a container platform that creates virtual workstations and servers. More info here:

You can then run the following from a command prompt to get the wax development container

c:\>docker pull waxteam/dev

Step 2

Create a folder to store your project files in. In this example we are using C:\projects\wax.

Open a cmd prompt and change directory to that folder path.

Step 3

Run the following command at the cmd prompt to start up the WAX container in interactive mode. The waxteam/dev is a local development environment including a local blockchain,

c:\>docker run -it --name waxdev -v c:\projects\wax:/wax waxteam/dev bash

The container waxteam/cdt is for creating and compiling smart contracts.

c:\>docker run -it --name waxcdt -v c:\projects\wax:/wax waxteam/cdt bash

Step 4

In WAX container in interactive mode you can run bash command like ls

root@de932f6fabf7:/# ls

and change directory to /wax

root@de932f6fabf7:/wax# cd /wax

Step 5

You can now test connectivity with the cleos wallet commands and get back JSON responses

cleos -u get info


cleos -u get info


cleos -u get info

Note: At the time of writing this article, was responding with a parse error.

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