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before restarting that instance…

Check number of VLFs – Virtual log file counts in the 1000s will mean longer recovery time

Check size of database and transaction log files – the bigger the file sizes, the longer it will take to recover

Check size of tempdb file definitions – tempdb will be rebuilt, is it properly sized and in the right location?  Also, bigger the file sizes, the long it will take to allocate the space.

When was last Full / Incremental / Transaction log backup taken?  If possible, kick off another transaction log backup before restating.

Check SQL Server Agent jobs and make sure no big jobs are running, then stop the Agent

Update your resume and/or linked-in profile 🙂

After restart;
– If smaller databases and minimal impact run checkdb with physical only
– Check SQL Agent, start it if it has not started automatically
– Trace flags not defined in startup parameters were lost
– Statistics were reset

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