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Database Office

Database Engineering Management
Assignes DBEs to projects
Assignes DBE and DBA tasks
Oversees task completion
Deals with problems and bottlenecks
Sets and enforces policies, standards, operating procedures
Establishes goals

Database Engineering Quality Assurance (QC)
Ensures all products meet standards
Ensures templates and procedures are relavent and up to date
Reviews and approves deployment packages (instructions, scripts, etc) and Software Turnover Notices

Database Administration (DBA)
Each duty day
Ensures development database servers are operational
Ensures development backups completed successfully
Performs development database server tuning and maintenance
Maintains inventory of development databases and schemas
Maintains documentation of database server configuration and processes
Acts as consultant for Testing and Production databases
Evaluates and implements technical requests that impact server level performance

Database Engineering (DBE)
Consultant to application developers concerning all things database
Assigned as project POC for one or more projects
Reviews and approves database schema
Develops stored procedures, functions, automation packages, jobs, remote connections, and processes that run on database server (back end)
Works with developers to perform data analysis, design database structure, and implement stored procedures, functions, and queries that interact with application (front end)

Designated DBE for Project (POC)
Primary point of contact between SCEO and project team for purpose of continuity
Responsible for coordinating and following up on tasks concerning project
Channels database requirements input to project design
Coordinates efforts of other DBEs concerning project.
Part of core team for project (ie: name is on quad chart)
Attends project meetings