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Webtoffe WordPress Migration & Duplicator

Webtoffe WordPress Migration & Duplicator is a great plug-in to backup, restore, and migrate WordPress sites. It can even handle large web sites by compressing them with zip. Sometimes the backup/export function times out with large files or if the total zipped file is over 500MB. If this is the case, one thing to try is adding the following filter to ../wp-content/plugins/wp-migration-duplicator/wp-migration-duplicator.php

// to exclude file/folder
add_filter('wt_mgdp_exclude_files', 'wt_mgdp_exclude_files_fn');
function wt_mgdp_exclude_files_fn($arr)
$arr[]='webtoffee_migrations'; // add folder/file path relative to wp-content folder
return $arr;
// to exclude file types
add_filter('wt_mgdp_exclude_extensions', 'wt_mgdp_exclude_extensions_fn');
function wt_mgdp_exclude_extensions_fn($arr)
return $arr;
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