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Drop and Recreate PK Index

Disable PK constraint.
alter table TBL1 disable constraint PK_TBL1 ;

Delete PK index.
alter table TBL1 drop index PK_TBL1 ;

Create PK index.
create unique index “PK_TBL1” on “TBL1” (“INSPECTORID”, “DUTYID”, “INSPID”)
tablespace “TBLSPCINDX”
pctfree 10 initrans 2 maxtrans 255
initial 64K
next 0K
minextents 1
maxextents 2147483645
pctincrease 0
freelists 1
freelist groups 1

Enable PK constraint.
alter table “TBL1” enable constraint “PK_TBL1” ;

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